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Welcome to Genius Ventures, Inc., where innovation meets strategic investment. Established in 2016 in Wyoming, our mission is to channel resources—be they financial, intellectual, or experiential—into groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to reshape industries. Our foundation is built on the belief that true innovation often requires more than just capital; it demands the insight, dedication, and pioneering spirit of visionaries equipped to lead their fields.

Our Mission

Genius Ventures endeavors to ensure the success of innovative projects by providing financial assistance, industry expertise, and the necessary time and attention.

Our Impact

Genius Ventures, through its technologies, creates significant beneficial impacts for organizations, regions, and individuals worldwide. Even the most underserved communities and households in the world can earn cryptocurrency rewards that can be used for essential life expenses. Improved supply chain efficiency, more affordable medical research, and better online gaming experiences add enhanced well-being and enjoyment to nearly everyone.

Strategic Investment Areas

Utilizing Genius Ventures Technology and Patents


Supply Chain Efficiency

From agriculture of the earth, air freight in the sky, and the shipping industry that spans seas, any supply chain industry would benefit from the system's assistance in improving efficient operations.


Medical Breakthroughs

Pharmaceutical companies can use our affordable compute solutions and technologies to develop new drugs and important research such as cancer cures.


Digital Currency

The future of the web is being built using blockchain technology. A digital economy like those found in gaming can benefit from the cryptocurrency or NFT purchase and trading solutions provided by

Our Investment Approach

Investing in transformative ideas

At Genius Ventures, Inc., our investment philosophy is as unique as the projects we choose to engage with. We specialize in strategic investments across diverse domains of ingenuity. Our resources extend beyond financial capital to include the invaluable time and specialized skills of our team, including programming and architectural expertise. As we continue to evolve, our commitment remains steadfast—to invest in transformative ideas and the brilliant minds behind them.

A long history of tech industry expertise

A team with deep programming and architectural experience

A commitment to the time necessary to bring brilliant ideas to life

Our Portfolio

Genius Ventures Inc.

Our portfolio will showcase a dynamic range of ventures that epitomize innovation and the strategic foresight that we at Genius Ventures bring with our investment. We are continually seeking new opportunities to foster groundbreaking advancements in diverse technologies and beyond.


GNUS.AI offers a cutting-edge decentralized computing platform for businesses, games, and AI companies, with a built-in blockchain payment system. With efficient AI/ML processing, decentralized storage, and integrated in-game tokens and NFTs, this platform provides a secure solution for revolutionizing the digital infrastructure. Benefit from improved in-game economies and low-cost AI/ML infrastructure with GNUS.AI!

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